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The Minnesota Girls Baseball Association hopes to not only provide instruction, encouragement, and empowerment to players, but also to support parents. If parents understand their daughter's abilities and rights, they will be able to help her achieve her full potential on the diamond.


Are There Other Girls Playing?:

Girls and women play baseball! It's sometimes difficult to find other females who play baseball, either at your daughter's age level or as role models. An estimated 1200 girls play high school baseball along with 100,000+ in youth leagues. We have a USA Women's National Baseball team, women's baseball teams, leagues, and tournaments, and women in college baseball.​

Softball vs. Baseball:

Softball and baseball are two different sports. The field dimensions, pitching motion, hitting technique, rules, skills, and strategies are very different. Their difference is legally recognized. Softball is just as good of a sport as baseball, just as basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball, football, and lacrosse are good sports. But it's a different sport, and we don't want girls to feel that it's their gender-appropriate alternative to baseball.

The Sholarship Myth:

College softball scholarships are only available at DI and some DII colleges, so very few high school softball players actually receive college scholarships to play softball. There are rarely full-ride scholarships, as it is more cost effective for coaches to split scholarships among players. Additionally, female high school baseball players frequently receive college softball scholarships offers even if they have never played softball.

School Baseball:

There are often issues with playing in school, as there is a misconception, even among athletic directors, that girls cannot play baseball if softball is offered. This is NOT true. It is illegal to deny a girl a tryout for the baseball team at a public school.

Youth Baseball Leagues in Minnesota


   Golden Valley                    Hamel                          Hopkins                   Minnetonka            Rogers/Otsego       Plymouth/New Hope 

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 11.32.17

   Robbinsdale/Crystal     Roseville               St. Louis Park               St. Paul              Minneapolis            Big Willow                RBI


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