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2015: A Stellar Year For Women in Baseball

2015 turned out to be quite the year for women in baseball. It began with the first national girls baseball tournament (hosted by Baseball For All) in June, closely followed by the first female to make the MLB international registration list, French teen Melissa Mayeux. Soon after, women's baseball debuted for the first time in international sports competition, with the USA Women's National Baseball Team taking gold in Toronto at the Pan-American Games. Jessica Mendoza became the first woman to announce in the MLB playoffs when she analyzed the Astros-Yankees Wild Card game. In October, Justine Siegal was hired by the Oakland Athletics as a guest coach for their fall instructional league, the first woman to coach for MLB. Finally, Amanda Hopkins was hired as the first full-time female scout in 60 years by the Seattle Mariners. And let's not forget Kim Ng, MLB's Senior VP for Baseball Operations who has been knocking on the door to be the first female GM for a few years now. Here's to another barrier-smashing expectation-defying year for women in baseball.

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