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Sexism in MLB

Yesterday, sexism popped up on the MLB scene twice. In expressing his displeasure about a game-ending illegal slide, Blue Jays manager John Gibbons suggested that the no-contact rule "turned the game into a joke. Maybe we'll come out wearing dresses tomorrow. Maybe that's what everybody's looking for." Women playing baseball is not a joke.

At the Royals game, "American Woman" played from the stadium speakers as Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard warmed up, presumably because Syndergaard has long hair, as if it would be funny if a woman was pitching. Syndergaard shut the Royals down nicely (6IP, 0ER, 9K's), some might say, like a girl.

Read the full story here: Why John Gibbons' "Playing in Dresses" Comment Doesn't Fly in 2016

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