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Founded in August of 2014, the Minnesota Girls Baseball Association is a grassroots organization that strives to provide girls with greater opportunities and resources to play baseball.


We offer playing opportunities for girls that exist simultaneously with their current teams or leagues. We work closely with local youth baseball leagues to ensure that girls are receiving the encouragement and support they need to play baseball.


It is sometimes difficult for girls to find female peers or role models who play baseball, and they are too often steered away from the game. We hope to support female baseball players of all ages and abilities in the pursuit of playing ball by offering free clinics in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


The Minnesota Girls Baseball Association relies entirely on donations to support our mission.


Today, there are over 100,000 girls playing Little League baseball across the United States along with thousands who play in high school. There is also a rich, often untold, history of women participating and excelling at all levels of America's national pastime.



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